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Suto Games will help you create a permanent virtual space where people can interact with each other and with digital objects through their avatars using virtual reality technologies.

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Virtual reality

The metaverse attempts to create a fully immersive and dynamic 3D virtual world. Experts agree that this is key to creating an engaging experience and retaining users. To do that, it will need VR technologies that can ensure the effect of being present.

By combining VR and metaverse technology, people can visit work and school, watch concerts, go shopping, and play games in a completely new way. In the future, Metaverse VR headsets may be used to purchase products, collaborate with colleagues, and perform more tasks typically performed with smartphones' help.

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is an all-encompassing name for an interactive, virtual world where users interact with each other. This can be either a ‘flat’ experience through, for example, your web browser, or a fully interactive experience in virtual reality.

Our Metaverse & VR Development Services

Metaverse Application

We create applications that will become components of your metaverse: you just have to choose the purpose of the application, and we will develop it and connect it with the metaverse platform.

Metaverse Marketplaces

Our team will develop advanced metaverse marketplaces where your users can trade digital and physical assets, offer services, organize auctions and develop networking

2D/3D Art Services

Our rich experience in creating 2D and 3D art allows us to guarantee an impeccable visual representation of your metaverse optimized for the platform you need.

Metaverse Games

Our metaverse game development company has a strong team to do it from scratch, from concept to release and post-production support.

NFT Collections

We have experience in creating NFT collections of different levels of complexity, which can become a significant part of your NFT marketplace and the metaverse as a whole.

Integration Services

Our specialists are well versed in various technologies that allow us to add many integrations to the individual development of the metaverse: implement API, architecture, etc.

Our Pipeline of Work

Initial Discussion

After several meetings, we define the project’s scope and are ready to start


Here we prepare GDD, plan of work, and art concepts.

Content Production

Under effective control, our team will start producing all the game's graphical content.


Our developers will start to build the game, integrate and configure all assets.

QA/Play Tests

Playtests and further bugfix will ensure that everything is topnotch for the release.


After deep polishing, the completed game will be delivered t you and you can start earning profit from it.

Post Release Support

We provide live-ops services to increase players' acquisition, retention, and monetization and prepare new updates and patches.

Technologies We Use








Android Studio



Back-end Technologies






.Net Framework


Development Tools

Unity 3D

Cocos 2D

Unreal Engine




Android Studio

Visual Studio







Analytics SDK


Payments SDK

Skillz SDK


Graphics Software

Adobe photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Substance Painter






How We Work

We offer services to our clients based on several interaction models that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You can choose one of the available models or combine them. We are ready to help you by choosing the most suitable model for you.


Time and Material - is a model in which the price is formed from the time spent by the team and materials for the development of the project. Advantages will be flexibility, which allows clients quickly change the work plan or requirements for the final product. Perfectly suits modern agile methodologies and projects that require deep polishing at all stages of production.

Fixed price

Is a method in which a fixed price is already set for specific services of a company. The benefit will be accuracy, allowing you to develop exactly what you need by deadlines by the plan approved in advance. It's a comfortable way of working with us, when you have a goal to develop a project faster and with exact budget limits.

Dedicated team

The dedicated team method allows you to build a team that perfectly fits your project's needs, allowing you to pay for the entire team. Works great for large projects or long-term projects. So if you looking to build the most effective team for the long term - this method is for you.

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Suto Games Benefits

By creating an effective work structure where every person in our team is happy, we bring our clients a fun working atmosphere and excellent results.

High Standarts

Unless you decide to be one of many but to create a cool project that will capture the imagination of the most sufficient gamers, get ready to be unique. Our team will help you achieve this level and implement the most daring projects.

Client Orriented

We are as flexible as the methodologies we work with, therefore e listen to the wishes of the clients and always proceed from their expectations and capabilities.

Strict Deadlines

We have long made it a rule to divide the development process into clear blocks, and provide our clients with clear plan at every stage of development, so we always have time on time.

Fair Price

Creative minds and lovers of their work always win, for whom the process and the result of their professionalism are important, and the fee is only a bonus from the work done. We offer a fair price because we get enjoyment from what we do.


We guarantee our clients complete transparency of our actions. Accordingly, we care about our clients, making sure always discuss all the details and wishes at all stages of development.

Modern Technologies

Our developers do not deviate from the general gaming industry standards. We work with proven technologies, that will be easy to maintain after we finish our work on your projects.


Have Other Questions?

Ask here!

What is the game design?

Game design refers to the conceptual side of game development. It is essentially a collection of decisions about what the game should be and how it should work. That includes its gameplay, characters, storylines, locations, UI, and so on.

What the difference between game design and development?

Game development is an area that covers all aspects related to the creation of video games, from conceptualization to graphic design, programming and releases.

Which game engine are you using and why?

Mostly we use Unity engine, Unreal 5, HTML5 but we are not limited with it, our developers continiously explore new technologies.

How to start?

All you need is to contact our sales team and provide with information as much as possible about your project. Would be easier to move forward if you would prepare some document and references to similar projects.

How much do I need money to develop the game?

It really depends on complexity of your project. For example if it’s a simple game prototype with minimum content - it can take 5K.

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