Game Development Outsourcing Companies: Finding the Best for Your Project

The gaming industry has always been popular, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the gaming industry has quickly become a key source of indoor entertainment. With unprecedented popularity, the gaming sector grew by 23%, and this momentum fueled expectations for further growth. Amid this surge, individual game developers and game development companies have also turned their attention to improving game development processes to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. By outsourcing game development, you benefit from streamlined processes and agile development practices. Outsourcing offers many more benefits. An experienced outsourcing partner can bring your game to life according to your vision, without huge budgets and decades.


Why Should Tasks Be Outsourced?

Game development is a complex and multifaceted process requiring technical knowledge, creative vision, and time. As the demand for high-end games continues to grow, many companies are turning to outsourcing as a strategic solution. This practice, known as game development outsourcing, allows companies to leverage the expertise of outside teams in areas where they might not have in-house capabilities. For example, you need to integrate blockchain technology into your game, but you do not have the necessary specialists. You can find an outsourcing contractor to complete this task. Or your company is strong in development, but you need talented artists and designers to design characters and locations. So, you can find several game art studios for this stage.

You will not need to spend time searching and hiring employees. You don’t even have to figure out which specialists you need. Outsourcing companies themselves will make a team for your needs. Also, together with a ready-to-work team, you will receive all the necessary equipment and software. You will not need to deal with modern technologies, pay for licenses, and purchase equipment. Outsourcing game development companies have already established all the processes.


How to choose the most reliable game development outsourcing studio?

Outsourcing game development can save you time and effort. You can focus on great ideas and control the process.

If you are reading this, you are probably considering the pros and cons of outsourcing game development for your business. Perhaps you are concerned about maintaining control over the project and whether the investment in the work of a partner is worth paying off. However, there are many benefits to outsourcing game development. Not surprisingly, after reading this article, your doubts about the implementation of this method in your game initiative will dissipate.


Outsourcing projects to game developers comes with it several advantages:

  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing avoids the extra cost of maintaining internal departments and equipment, which can significantly reduce costs. Outsourcing game development to countries with cheaper labor costs can also result in substantial cost savings.
  • Time Constraints: For swift game project completion, Game Development Outsourcing accelerates development, ensuring on-time delivery. Outsourcing delegates tasks to specialists, enhancing efficiency and shortening development cycles, resulting in quicker market entry and competitive advantage. Focus on core strengths.
  • Expertise and Specialization: Outsourcing allows you to work with specialized teams or individuals who have extensive experience in specific areas of game development, such as 3D modeling, animation, sound design, or QA testing. This can lead to higher quality work and improved game performance.
  • Risk Mitigation:  Outsourcing can help distribute the risk associated with game development. By working with multiple external partners, you can reduce the impact of potential setbacks on the overall project.
  • Increase productivity: Outsourcing allows you to distribute tasks between internal and external teams, speeding up the development and release of games.
  • Global: Outsourcing allows you to collaborate with talents and experts from different countries, broadening your horizons and improving the quality of development.
  • Flexibilit:. Outsourcing partners can scale based on project needs, providing flexibility in resource management.
  • Fresh views: Outsourcing partners often bring fresh perspectives, contributing to enhanced creativity and innovation in game design and development.

To summarize, outsourcing game development can be an excellent method to cut expenses, boost productivity, and gain access to specialized skills. However, before making any decisions, evaluating the project’s size and complexity, in-house talent and resources, budget and cost-effectiveness, time restrictions, quality and dependability, communication and project management, and intellectual property and legal factors is critical.


Factors for Paying Attention

Initially, focus on key aspects such as:

  • Reviews and Feedback: Evaluate customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the company’s reputation and client satisfaction.
  • Portfolio: Examine the company’s past projects to assess their quality, diversity, and alignment with your app’s requirements.
  • Tech Stack: Analyze the technologies, frameworks, and tools the company employs to ensure they align with your app’s needs.

However, when selecting a company for a specific project, you need to delve into more specific details, including:

  • Minimum Project Budget: Ensure the company’s pricing aligns with your budget constraints.
  • Specialization: Look for companies with expertise in your app’s niche or industry for better understanding and execution.
  • Non-Disclosure Policy: Verify the company’s commitment to safeguarding your project’s confidentiality.
  • Team Size vs. Project Scope: Assess whether the company’s team size can handle the complexity of your project effectively.
  • Compatibility and Communication: Gauge whether you find the company easy to work with, fostering smooth collaboration.

While no definitive formula exists, Clutch and the company’s website provide valuable insights. Websites often showcase portfolios, although a detailed Request for Proposal is essential to grasp their capabilities fully. 


Consider companies that outsource games

1. Suto Games

Suto Games

Suto Games specializes in outsourcing services. They have solidified their position as the game development market leader with a wide range of offerings. The Suto Games team boasts a deep understanding of cutting-edge technology and outsourcing trends, delivering unrivaled quality. Their experience spans many genres such as casual games, hyper-casual games, card games, etc. Regardless of the requirements, they carry out game development projects of the highest quality.

Services offered:

  • Game Development: Suto Games is a leader in full-cycle game development, creating custom gaming experiences for multiple platforms. Using Unity, Unreal, and HTML5, they create top-level games for PC, consoles, Android and iOS.
  • Game Art: Suto Games excels in art, including 2D and 3D art, concept art, UI/UX design, and character design.
  • Game design: Exciting gameplay is achieved through careful design. Suto Games excels at designing game levels and complex economies that increase player engagement.
  • Game Animation: Suto Games brings games to life with 2D and 3D animation, adding dynamic visuals that capture the imagination of players.
  • Metaverse Development: Suto Games is the pioneer of Metaverse Development, creating immersive virtual worlds that change the gaming experience.
  • VR Game Development: Suto Games, immersing itself in virtual reality, creates cutting-edge VR games that blur the boundaries between reality and the virtual world.
  • 3D game development. Seeking to push the boundaries of what’s possible, Suto Games innovates in 3D game development, delivering visually stunning and immersive gaming experiences.

Expanding Horizons:

In addition to traditional games, Suto Games has expanded the horizons of games, focusing on exciting slots, poker, roulette, baccarat, bingo and blackjack. Collaborative outsourcing initiatives provide formal staffing and full control of operations, boosting efficiency and innovation.

Uncompromising quality:

Game testing includes functionality, compatibility, performance, and compliance assessments on PC, mobile devices, and consoles.


Suto Games is the perfect choice for those who want to captivate their audience with innovative and high quality game development.


2. Cubix


Cubix is a leading game, enterprise software, and mobile app development company with over 15 years of industry experience and over 200 employees across three different locations. Cubix brings ideas to life using state-of-the-art technology, including blockchain and artificial intelligence. , augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Cubix’s main offerings include:

  • Mobile App Development: Build interesting and innovative mobile apps for multiple platforms.
  • Game Development: Creating engaging games that are fun for players across multiple platforms.
  • Big Data: A company’s ability to manage large volumes of data enables it to extract valuable insights and implement data-driven strategies.
  • Web Development: A team of experienced web developers creates visually appealing and highly functional websites.
  • Development of SaaS products. The company allows companies to optimize their processes and improve operational efficiency.
  • Custom software development: To evaluate business performance.
  • Artificial intelligence: Leveraging the power of AI, the company is harnessing the power of AI-based solutions that streamline processes, improve customer experiences, and unlock new opportunities.


Cubix is the ideal partner for companies looking to start a transformational journey in design, innovation, and unsurpassed quality.


3. Game-Ace


Game-Ace was founded in 2005 and is an international outsourcing company with significant experience in game development. Game-Ace’s team of more than 120 highly qualified professionals, each of whom is deeply aware of the latest trends in game development, offers a wealth of experience. The company’s professionalism lies in the creation of cross-platform games that cover various genres, such as casual and role-playing games, virtual reality, and even MMO.

Offering an array of services, including game development outsourcing, Unity/Unreal Engine game development, Web3/NFT/metaverse game development, AR/VR game development, and game testing, among others, Game-Ace caters to a wide spectrum of needs.


For those in search of a flexible and professional game development studio, Game-Ace stands as a reputable choice for realizing your project with excellence.


4. Starloop Studios

Starloop Studios

Starloop Studios, founded in 2011, is a prominent player in the Spanish game development and arts industry. With over 1,000 employees and a portfolio of over 300 games across a wide variety of genres, they brilliantly deliver a complete gaming experience spanning PC, mobile, consoles, and VR/AR platforms. Collaborative development is a strong point and their experienced team excels at porting games across platforms. Offering classic 2D/3D graphics, animation, and UI/UX design, they have earned recognition from major clients such as Disney, Ubisoft, and Blizzard Entertainment.


Unlike others, they offer their production E-book, for game development.


5. Juego Studios

Juego Studios

Juego Studios has a global presence in Australia, Canada, India, the UK, and the US and boasts a team of over 300 skilled professionals and over 500 successful games and apps. Their expertise spans a wide spectrum of services, including Mobile Game Development on engines like Unity3D and HTML5/WebGL.Their offerings go beyond game development to include design, 2D/3D game art, and the integration of advanced technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, simulation, and big data. This versatile company is also expanding its ability to create collaborative models and solutions across sectors such as manufacturing, finance, defense, and healthcare.


Juego Studios is one of the leaders in outsourced VR content.


6. Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games with 10 years of experience is an outsourcing studio that develops games and creates colorful art and vibrant animation. Specializing in 3D art, Kevuru Games offers a wide range of services from 3D model development to complex art projects. Their expertise spans AAA-quality photo realistic and stylized character designs. Completed over 100 projects.

In addition to traditional services in the fields of game development, animation, art design, and game art, Kevuru Games also offers outsourcing. This suggests

the official hiring of 2D/3D artists with full control over their work. While respecting the key game features, they also offer porting of the game from one platform to another. They offer QA testing for various platforms. Complying with all standards, they create tokens for various assets. To increase customer engagement, they implemented game mechanics in non-game contexts of various business applications.


With an impressive track record, diverse service offerings, and a strong focus on quality and innovation, Kevuru Games is a great choice for those looking for top-notch game art outsourcing and end-to-end game development services.


7. Capermint Technologies

Capermint Technologies

Capermint Technologies, an India-based mobile app and game development company, brings 7 years of experience to the industry. With a team of over 125 skilled professionals, Capermint excels in a wide spectrum of tasks. Capermint specializes in Kotlin app development across multiple platforms, supporting external interfaces, server integration, Gradle Script, and even proprietary apps. Their exceptional Flutter applications for iOS and Android platforms offer gamification solutions for real estate, education, healthcare, automotive gamification, and e-commerce. Their specialized expertise spans game development, game design, creative UI/UX, AR/VR innovations, animation, real-money gaming, and fantasy sports app creation, aiming to provide gamified business solutions.


Capermint Technologies  is a professional application development company that is able to develop any type of anything you want.


8. Logic Simplified

Logic Simplified

Logic Simplified is a team of passionate developers and gamers with 8 years of experience, who specialize in game design and development, as well as AR/VR, and AI/ML services. During this period they have developed more than 80 games for Android, more than 50 games for iOS, and cross-platform board games, not to mention console games. For them, games are what they grew up with. The company provides services in various areas, such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and machine learning. Their offerings encompass turnkey independent design services, game updates, game marketing, deployment (CI/CD), and game development.


Logic Simplified goes the extra mile by providing the opportunity to hire rendering experts, designers, and app developers focused on VR games. This highlights their commitment to providing customized solutions, making them a great option to enhance VR game development.


9. Stepico Games

Stepico Games

Stepico Games is a well-known Ukrainian art outsourcing studio specializing in game art, animation, development, programming, and AR/VR applications. They thrive on creating high-end Android, iOS, and cross-platform games using cutting-edge technology. With a team of 200 skilled professionals and 9 years of experience, Stepico Art Outsource Studio has successfully released over 65 games, including partnerships with Universal and Snapchat. Their experience extends to blockchain and NFT game development, offering stunning visuals and innovative technology.


They integrate state-of-the-art blockchain technology into their solutions, creating convenient games for you to earn. If you are looking for an innovative approach, then you are in the right place.


10. Whimsy Games 

Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games is a game art and development studio that excels in creating both 2D and 3D games from the ground up, encompassing a wide spectrum of vector graphics. Their expertise extends beyond 2D art, as they also offer services by skilled 3D artists and animators. With a team of over 75 highly qualified professionals possessing seven years of industry experience, they have successfully completed 157 projects and launched 82 games to the market. Their achievements include being honored as the “Best B2B Game Development Company” by Clutch and GoodFirms. Whimsy Games further provides White Label NFT Marketplace services, catering to clients worldwide, and boasts an extensive portfolio centered around 2D art.


A top-tier gamification service that seamlessly integrates and enhances mobile games within your existing business application.


Final Thoughts

You may have noticed that all companies offer almost the same services, but each has its unique advantages. It is important to choose a studio that suits your needs. Many great outsourcing studios provide a quality development experience. Outsourcing studios have experience in different areas, which allows you to get content that is perfect for your project.

When it comes to choosing a game development partner, Suto Games is the obvious choice for many good reasons. Suto Games is a company that has established itself as a leader in the game development market, offering a wide range of services covering various aspects of the gaming industry. The company is constantly striving to develop and expand the range of its services. The addition of areas such as outstaffing, testing, and porting of games shows their adaptability to changes in the industry. One of their outstanding qualities is their unparalleled understanding of cutting-edge technologies and outsourcing trends, guaranteeing clients the highest quality throughout their collaboration. In addition, Suto Games demonstrates its commitment to innovation by expanding its horizons beyond the traditional gaming experience. Their pursuits of slots, poker, roulette, baccarat, bingo, and blackjack demonstrate their adaptability and willingness to explore new opportunities in the industry.